Newest Party Crush Team Member: Welcome, Baby Tiago Nicholai!

Hey, everyone! The long wait is over.. I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of the Party Crush Team and the newest gem of the Vargas family. Baby Tiago Nicholai Vargas was born March 14th, 2019 at a healthy and wonderful 10 pounds & 22 inches long and he’s been continuing to give all of us more joy every single day!

Cute Baby Photo shoot idea

Giving birth to another lovely child has brought back so many amazing memories that I had with Sydney and Luca. Sydney, my first born, changed my life in ways I can’t even imagine. I’m so happy for the amazing lady that she has become. Luca, my second child and first son gave my life purpose. I can’t even put into words the happiness that little Luca has brought into our lives. And lastly, Baby Tiago. Tiago being my last baby.. he revived my soul and changed the way I view the world. His presence has helped me realized that god has a plan for me and there’s a bright future waiting for me, my family, and all our endeavors.

lovely mother and baby photo shoot inspiration

From my pregnancy leading up to Tiago’s birth and up until now.. we are so blessed with everything that’s happening. All of this would be impossible without the overflowing support of our family and friends who were there every step of the way, and the creative community that has showered us and our business all the love they can give. We are so lucky as a family to be surrounded by this amazing community.

lovely newborn baby boy cute  photo shoot idea

As we move forward with these blessings, we are now very much certain of the life we want to build. Alongside raising a loving family, we are going to continue improving our business.. Party Crush Studio isn't just a brand anymore.. it’s now a lifestyle. A lifestyle that all of us would like to impart and hopefully make good impacts to the world and the people who’s lives we’re going to touch.

mother and baby photo shoot inspiration

I’m more than happy to share this news to all of you with these amazing images that was taken by my good friend Radostina who happens to be a great photographer as well. Thank you for this wonderful images and the lifestyle session that we will forever treasure as happy memories of Tiago’s first days in the world. If you guys would also like to have important family moments, weddings, and everything else captured on film, Radostina is the one. Check out her website here. :)

Again, we would like to extend our gratitude to all of you who are with us in this amazing journey. We promise to keep on creating, inspiring, and working together with all of you. Join us as we move forward to the next chapter of our lives with a clear path towards improving this business-turned-lifestyle and sharing creative ideas and spreading love within the community.



Photographer: Radostina Photography