Silk and Velvet Ribbon Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wonderful wedding designs have to be on-point up to the smallest details. The little decorations in every part of the wedding including the flatlays, bouquet, and reception decor. Here at Party Crush Studio, we believe that Silk and Velvet Ribbons are the secret on binding all the decorations together regardless of the theme. 

So today, we're gonna give you ideas on how to use Silk and Velvet Ribbons to give your dream wedding the perfect design and to add that pop of color!

1. Use them to style your wedding invitations


Let's start even before the wedding. Use silk velvet ribbons to add texture and design to your wedding invitations! This way, the theme and ambiance of your wedding will come across to your guests before they even arrive at the venue.


Look at how cute this wedding invitation is! More so, you can use the ribbons in decorating your party favors too!

2. Make the perfect dreamy bridal bouquet


We believe that every bridal bouquet needs to have a silk velvet ribbon. These ribbons just completes the overall look since it gives a dreamy and flowy feel while complementing the size of the bouquet and the length of the wedding dress.


Look how that blue silk velvet ribbon gave a nice finishing touch on the photo and the whole outfit. We think it's gorgeous!

3. Design your table tops


Even the tiniest details contribute alot to your overall design. Use silk velvet ribbons to add mini details and pops of color on your wedding reception tables for that perfect tablescape ideas.


Adding that little velvet ribbon and tying the table napkins is just a great design inspiration to pump up your reception's aesthetic without spending too much!

4. Ribbons as Wedding Cake Decorations


What better way to add designs on your cake by decorating it with silk velvet ribbons? We highly recommend it and it looks really good in photos!


The pink silk ribbon in this shoot just made the cake into one whole centerpiece together with the stand and the table.

5. Use Silk Velvet Ribbons in every fixture, especially those that needs to be more aligned with the theme


Every wedding will have a different theme and aesthetic from others. Many fixtures and items will be used as decorations. Some fixtures are necessary but are not very much in line with the theme at first glance. Here's where silk velvet ribbons save the day. Incorporating silk velvet ribbons to all fixtures will give a uniform look to the reception and decorations.


For our Southwestern Boho Styled Shoot, this animal skull was one of the fixtures. The skull alone will be a little more exotic for the theme which is why we used flowers and silk velvet ribbons to make it in line with everything.

See how the magic of silk velvet ribbons works? You can totally use it not only in your wedding, but with other party decorations as well!

Let us know how we can help you transform your wedding or party using our silk velvet ribbons.

Thank You to Olivia Richards Photography for capturing our silk ribbon collection in such unique settings.